Neumann Leather Stays – Lawsuit against Hoboken Zoning Dropped!

Litigation against the Hoboken Zoning Board regarding the destruction of the Neumann Leather building was dropped apparently in a legal filing earlier last week.  The litigation apparently wasn’t going to be successful with the plaintiff seeking to call two Hoboken Zoning Board members on a claimed conflict of interest.  When that fell through, the lawsuit was deemed kaput.  Residents of the building fought against the building’s removal as it would force them to be evicted.

Tony Soares, Hoboken Zoning Board President made a statement indicating this is an all around victory for the town, “This is a not just a justification of the Zoning Board’s actions, it is a victory for the entire city of Hoboken, our professional representation led by Attorney Doug Bern and Planner Elizabeth Vandor , the nearby residents and above all the Arts and Industry Community which has long been essential to the fabric and success Hoboken has been for 156 Years.”

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Photo: Courtesy of the Neumann Leathers Tenants Association

Jhnny Newman, a frequent poster on the Hoboken forum website was not immediately available for comment.  Update: Jhnnynewman sent an email having seen the news today stating, “Da Horsey is first yet again?”

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