Smears, jeers and fears

Yesterday news began hitting on the New Jersey LGBTG group denouncing Nancy Pincus for her attacks on Councilman Mike DeFusco yesterday in the New Jersey Globe:

A similar story appears on the Hudson County View:

No apology from Nancy Pincus, only more smears, fabrications, and spamming others followed with more false and defamatory attacks and deflections galore. Mayor Ravi Bhalla is under his desk hiding out from incoming on his favorite paid political operative. So are his aides who text her attacks to publish often.

Councilman Michael Russo has reasons to cheer. After clearing the path to a November re-election courtesy of the deal cut in the Ravi-Russo Alliance; he’s looking to 2021 and a run for mayor!

Some call him The Hub but others call him nimble.

So much more to come…

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