Sinatra Park repair passes, Beth Mason caught pushing false information on City employees attending the Super Bowl

The Sinatra Park repair passed easily although there was some grandstanding and false accusations offered by Tim Occhipinti before the record was corrected by Director Brandy Forbes and the votes recorded.  The repair’s completion is scheduled for December 21.

The larger aspect of interest at the meeting was the discussion surrounding Beth Mason’s accusations “two supporters” of the mayor went on a taxpayer paid trip to the Super Bowl.

When a member of the public, David Denning who is a supporter of Reform asked what the truth was on the matter saying, “How much did Hoboken spend on Hoboken Super Bowl tickets,” Council President Ravi Bhalla thought Councilwoman Jen Giattino could provide an answer.

Beth Mason interjected to Denning, “They come as free, when you are part of the host committee,” implying that the employees from the City attended the game.

Council President Bhalla then followed matter of factly, “the advertisement was false,” before Councilwoman Jen Giattino was given the floor saying the ticket cost to the game was zero since she was “on my couch for the Super Bowl with my family… at home.”

Mason remained silent to that illuminating fact.

One can guess no city employee went to the game paid by the taxpayers.

Beth Mason’s lies “two political supporters” were sent to “an all inclusive trip to the Super Bowl” was exposed at the end of last night’s City Council meeting.  She made a “hail mary” attempt saying free tickets were provided as part of the false information in her advertisement published by the Hudson Reporter.

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