Sinatra Park Repair on tap for City Council Special meeting at 7:00

City Council Meeting, take 2:

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February 8: One week later it’s deja vu all over again as Yogi Berra would say.  This time we’re expecting all nine members so if you want to launch an “emergency resolution” with no public notice on the Hoboken BoE or another variety of power grab, best of luck to you.

Will we see a resolution from Beth Mason announcing her Hoboken business plan and further attacks on the “supporters” of the mayor who were sent to the Super Bowl all on the taxpayer’s dime?  If she introduces such a resolution, how long before her sock puppet Timmy Occhipinti blurts “Second?”

Mason usually tries to hijack meetings with these type of political hit jobs at the beginning of a Council meeting.  Council President Ravi Bhalla has handled that professionally in the past but he should be prepared to do so again tonight.

Grafix Avenger presented the Beth Mason and Gumby plan for the 2014 Super Bowl in NJ.
It’s a hot dogs and sausage stand downtown near City Hall.

February 1:

Tonight appears to be a reasonable agenda and could end at a reasonable hour. The food truck ordinance is back and there’s a recommendation on a bid from the Administration to repair Sinatra Park, the jewel of the town’s outdoor life on the river.  
The cost comes in lower than originally anticipated at $10-12 million; it’s $7.8 million for the Sinatra Park walkway and Castle Point.
As an earlier ordinance already passed appropriating funds toward the repair, the request comes in as a resolution – requiring five votes.  Hoboken has seen logjams on everything from replacing rusted out environmental services equipment to direly needed repairs at the police station when bond ordinances required a needed six votes.
Will Beth Mason object to approving Sinatra Park’s repair because she needs as is often her reason “more information?”  Will Tim Occhipinti stand down and vote no and go off in search of more graffiti in Jersey City? 
Will Michael Russo and Beth Mason salvage a last minute resolution to save MTV’s Jersey Shore spinoff in Hoboken?  They’ve fought off many initiatives by the mayor like saving hospital consistently last year and the mayor is against this so they will be for it?
Perhaps Tim Occhipinti will step up and speak on behalf of bar owners, a constituency like NJ Transit he stands up to represent, unlike those irksome children at the Boys & Girls Club.
Tune in just after 7:00 pm for the answer.
Update: 7:15 – Five council members are needed for a legal meeting.  Currently, only the minority members are in the City Council Chambers.  There’s some discussion surrounding this and a possible special meeting to be called within 7 days.
None of this is clear but Councilwoman Jen Giattino is out of town.  Is that the reason for this delay with her important fifth vote needed to pass legislation?  It’s unclear.

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