Sign of the Times: With Washington St. reconstruction, the end is near

Workers on upper Washington St. in recent days heading to completion. The project has been ongoing since 2016.

The great news on the Washington St. project, it’s almost completed. So, there’s much to celebrate with the town’s main drag being converted from a Third World roadway. Congratulations to those who are bringing it to completion: Mayor Ravi Bhalla, his administration, former mayor Dawn Zimmer and all the workers who made it happen.

The bad news? Well, that’s, unfortunately, a long list too with deadlines long expired and a projected $12 million price tag that will likely see a final tab surpassing $20 million when it’s all said and done with a consulting bill more than double to boot: pardon the pun.

The impact on businesses for the almost several years it took to complete impacted significant revenues, for those who survived to tell the tale.

Many businesses didn’t survive and Washington St. has many vacant storefronts today.

More to come.

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