For Earth Day, Ravi Bhalla remains silent on North Bergen power plant

Silence is golden. Especially if you’re Mayor Ravi Bhalla eyeing a bigger prize: a congressional seat in Hudson County.

So on Earth Day, Ravi Bhalla emanated virtue signaling blowing wind in every direction but the North Bergen power plant where gas will flow to New York City if the project sees final approval.

Here’s a report by Hudson County View with staged pomp and circumstance as Ravi Bhalla signs his Climate Action Plan featuring nary a word on the biggest climate and environmental controversy in the area.

On hand to sit by and applaud his self-congratulations are council members Emily Jabbour and Jim Doyle.

Last October, Councilman Jim Doyle submitted a resolution in opposition to the $1.8 billion gas power plant proposed in North Bergen for New York City. His resolution was quickly and quietly removed from the City Council agenda by the Bhalla Administration as Ravi Bhalla then attended the annual Nick Sacco Ball the following day where HudCo politicians go to kiss his ring.

Albio Sires is believed by some ready to end his political career with a final two-year congressional term. Sacco will be a kingmaker in selecting who inherits the seat in the heavily controlled HudCo Democratic district.

Ravi Bhalla wants that seat and remains utterly silent on the biggest climate issue in the area.

Larry Wainstein, a mayoral rival to North Bergen Mayor and State Senator Nick Sacco launched a lawsuit alleging the power plan would violate the civil rights of North Bergen residents and points to an executive order by Governor Phil Murphy.

From the Hudson County View story:

“This action cites Gov. Murphy’s Executive Order 23, which states, in his own words, ‘low-income communities and communities of color have been exposed to disproportionately high and unacceptably dangerous levels of water, air and soil pollution,” he said during a press conference at his headquarters last night.
“With accompany potential of increased public health impacts. It is clear that the people or North Bergen are being discriminated.”

NJ Governor Phil Murphy has endorsed Nick Sacco’s re-election for mayor in North Bergen.

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