Sign of the Times: the truth about Vision 20/20

There’s been accusations tossed about for the blowback on Vision 20/20 as the truth on many elements have become known to the public.  MSV attended many of the Hoboken Housing Authority meetings where the plan was discussed including its initial plan presentation.

From the actual Vision 20/20 Plan – Page 74 – You see the number bottom left in bold?
The downtown campus is just over 800 units at present.  This plan proposed 1,853 units, more than double.

As MSV has stated earlier, the factual notation the Vision 20/20 plan intended to more than double the size of the downtown HHA is a matter of the public record.  HHA ED Carmelo Garcia can say what he wants, this was the plan presented at a government meeting last year.

The “public input” mentioned in the 100 plus page plan has never occurred and the strategy has been to get the City of Hoboken to begin approving the project building after building with no comprehensive documentation offered – working toward this outcome depicted above.

Talking Ed Note: Carmelo Garcia owes this website an apology for last night’s fabrication claiming MSV said the Vision 20/20 Plan would triple in size.  MSV has stated repeatedly the intent was more than double the size of the downtown campus based on the above data.

Is anyone going to call this 1,853 units less density?  All the attacks by the political operatives, naysayers, race baiters against MSV (and its readers as one paid political operative has firebombed on Facebook more than once) can go eat crow.

No detailed project plan has been put forward for public examination or scrutiny.  Now you know why.

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