Beth Mason eyes buying a US Senate Seat!

Beth Mason, Hoboken’s nasty political laughing stock is looking to purchase a new toy – a US Senate seat!

Beth Mason’s family will try to buy her another exit out of Hoboken.  She wants to be a US Senator.  Stop laughing.

Coming off her recent failure to make an Illinois Blaggo type purchase of the Assembly seat under Brian Stack, Mason has planted a friendly story in the Star Ledger with a friendly journalist who she fed misinformation on the hospital sale.  Jarrett Renshaw bit so hard on it, he found himself in select category with Hoboken411 saying the sale was dead.  That’s pretty select, bad company.

Now he’s back doing Mason’s bidding making a bigger fool of himself.

Here’s the story already getting around to much hilarity:

Then there’s this prophetic comedy masterpiece courtesy of yogregory:

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