Sign of the Times: Three would be a charm, but a win is a win

Update: This thread continues to be a point of discussion.  MSV would like to correct the earlier analysis to reflect what’s missing: the totality of Applied Housing votes in the 2nd ward.

Originally stated as a source of at more than 100 votes for Beth Mason, there’s indications it was far more than that.  A systematic campaign to pull the votes out of there and save Beth Mason may have been in place using strong arm tactics such as putting fear into people losing their apartments and the old Hoboken standby: payments – in this case $50 a vote.

The vote tally in the low three figure range may be drastically underestimated.  It could be closer to 300!  If that’s the case, then Grafix Avenger’s Russo insider Deep Uvula was correct in stating the Russo clan, specifically Michele Russo now owned Mason having saved her bacon.  Michele “can break her anytime she wants to” is the quote and it’s clearly not bravado.

Beth Mason is now a “locked-in” vote for what Mike Russo wants in their destiny of minority status for the next two years.

In a ward with over 5,600 registered voters and the power of incumbency and an indeterminable fortune spent not reflected on her campaign in ELEC reports, Beth Mason was only able to muster 671 votes.

Her win then came through a combination of Applied Housing votes with old guard election tactics and suppressing the vote for Tom Greaney using sleazeball tactics on Hoboken411 and betraying someone who confided in her a decade and a half old financial problem.

While Beth Mason squeaks by her first time challenger without a runoff, her voting base is all but gone.  She’s now a low rung character of the Old Guard and her ambitions for power and higher office will have to compete with others on that side such as Assemblyman Ruben Ramos who has been backed by State Senator Brian Stack.

Originally posted May 13th, 2011

The 2nd ward election will not be seeing a runoff but the result is still the same with Reform taking the City Council back beginning July 1.  No more endless Council of No nonsense blocking progress because the mayor’s name is at the bottom or top of the resolution and no more Beth Mason acting as chair breaking rules left and right demeaning her colleagues, the public and the institution itself.

There will be power plays between now and July 1 of course.  After all the Russo family loves nothing more than power and that means trying to hijack whatever you can get your hands on so keep watch for it.  For those who need a hint, where did Michele Russo get most of her loot and what related Hoboken board is most critical to it.
There’s your answer.

Tom Greaney falls in the 2nd but even without the runoff and a possible third seat,
Reform now takes back the Council majority.

2nd ward council candidate Tom Greaney proved unintentionally what Beth Mason is all about.  Although you saw his 15 year history brought up relating his financial problems, you never heard about their relationship.  Tom Greaney had been a friend to Beth Mason, he supported her like many well intentioned people in the Reform movement only to see her jettison everyone to embrace the Russo clan and everything she stated she stood for.

Even worse, Beth Mason has shown a maliciousness to those who she feels stand in her way, whether a colleague on the City Council or a member of the public who differs with her ambitions and decided to run for the same seat as she.

Did you see anywhere on Mason411 or hear anywhere else that Tom Greaney had confided in Beth Mason he once had financial problems?  She then used it in this election turning it from her lousy voting record and behavior and instead placing doubt on Greaney’s character using a very old bankruptcy to frame the race.

The Hudson Reporter ran with the whole shebang from Mason411 further costing him support late in the race when Greaney could not expect the full story to stick in voter’s minds.  Of all the ugly things Beth Mason has done, most have backfired. This one didn’t.  (Score one for her minion and Hoboken411’s sewer rat Perry Klaussen.)

Tom Greaney in the beginning of this race took a stand to run a positive, issues oriented race.  Beth Mason told him long before he officially entered the race she would do whatever she had to.  In the end, Mr. Greaney retains his graciousness, his even keel and his intent to keep everything above board.

Beth Mason stayed true to her word.  That was the difference in this race.

Talking Ed Note:  A few meetings to July 1st and then Hoboken can breathe a sigh of relief and know that a 5% tax cut will be passed no matter what the Old Guard does, and more help is on the way: a lot more help.

Do you worst minions, Reform is going to swing this town into shape.  Does the new Council need to be reminded about the midnight power grab and the utter contempt Beth Mason and Mike Russo treated them, the public and the institution itself?

No matter what you do, you can’t stop us now.

Go Jen Go!  (I can’t get over saying that.)

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