Sign of the Times: Hoboken411 doesn’t live here anymore (but he voted there anyway)


Over the weekend an opportunity arose to view the location Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen has listed as his residence on the voter rolls.  But the address: 1039 Bloomfield St. is empty and unoccupied with work underway on the property.

1039 Bloomfield St. is vacant and under renovation.  Hoboken411 smear king Perry Klaussen lists this as his current address according to the Hudson County voter registration records before he voted last week.  

During last week’s City Council elections, the ubermensch Beth Mason supporter verbally assaulted one BoE official at at the Elks Club.  Presumably, he was there to vote against Councilman Peter Cunningham.  Hoboken411 had posted one of its juvenile screeds right before the elections saying residents had a plethora of picks and would select “anyone but Cunningham.” Instead the 5th ward overwhelmingly choose the councilman over three challengers, sending him back to City Hall without requiring a runoff.

So what was Hoboken411’s ‘editor’ doing voting in a 5th ward election as others state he is living in the 2nd ward and obviously not living at the 5th ward address listed with the Hudson County Board of Elections?  After his verbal assault on a BoE official, Klaussen who is known for his iron fisted censorship in service to Councilwoman Beth Mason, signed in at a 5th ward district table and voted.  Did he sign in using his old 5th ward address?

After casting his likely fraudulent ballot, Klaussen exited the voting stall taking pictures inside the room of the BoE official, the earlier target of his ill will.  Told by poll workers he was not permitted to take pictures inside the polling station, Klaussen insisted he could saying “I’m a credentialed journalist.”  The poll workers are correct, no photographing at the poll is permitted.

Hoboken uber-smear king Perry Klaussen

As for 1039 Bloomfield Street, a source intimately familiar with the property stated renter Perry Klaussen had to leave when the the property was sold last year.  The new owners never saw apartment three where Hoboken’s smear king stayed and weren’t too concerned as they planned on renovating the entire structure.

After the sale, the new owners were appalled by the condition of the apartment.  As relayed, it was described as a “disaster area.”  The previous owner reportedly had lots of problems with Klaussen that didn’t end until the building was sold and Das Smearmesister of Hoboken departed.

The same source also indicated people on the block of 1000 Bloomfield were quite pleased with Klaussen’s departure.

Talking Ed Note: Da Horsey sent a twitter reply to Klaussen asking about this 5th ward voting matter but doesn’t expect an answer.  Perry Klaussen is still silent on his copyright theft of a photo from this website to use in attacking Peter Cunningham.  The lawyer is reviewing the matter but the penalty listed here for such unauthorized use including electronic is $5.00 per view.  If Perry Klaussen claims hundreds of thousands of views a month or more as he’s said in the past, we’ll be pleased to see a judgement on those terms.

Other readers have emailed that Perry Klaussen posted an accusation that Reform members voted outside of where they live.  Oddly that looks to be exactly what he did not even days later himself.

Has anyone asked 2nd ward Councilwoman Beth Mason about this?

More to come…

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