Sign of the Times: Lepercon fizzles out in Hoboken

Once feared by Hoboken residents when it became known as Mardi Gras north, Lepercon, the successor to the St. Patrick’s Day never held on the actual patron saint’s day in the Mile Square City has fizzled.

Dubbed Leprecon by a group of never say die bar owners, the replacement plan designating Hoboken the site of a wild melee up and down the East Coast on the first Saturday of March saw more declining numbers of participants and arrests.

Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante telegraphed the demise of the Lepers via Twitter where six arrests were compiled. Of arrest numbers five and six:

One of the key roads to victories over the Lepercons is the local pressure on bars. Sponsoring bars for the event have dwindled further eroding the swarms of tens of thousands upon the Mile Square City.

One resident may have summed it up best saying of the once feared Lepercon invasion, they hadn’t noticed. Perhaps that’s the biggest sign of progress.

Common midday scenes like this in Hoboken on the former Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day have all but ended as the succeeding
event known here as Lepercon is fizzling out. HPD Chief Ken Ferrante reported six arrests from last Saturday. A big thanks to the HPD and surrounding area officers of the Union City Hoboken Police Department for making it a mild and safe day for most.

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