Revolt against Ravi Bhalla in City Council as City of Hoboken Workers Erupt!

There’s no other way to describe it. After 79 municipal workers of the City of Hoboken received layoff notices scheduled for early May, dozens descended on the council meeting last Wednesday.

It was calamitous for Mayor Ravi Bhalla who faced barbs and their wrath at every turn.

The Hoboken mayor who presented the massive layoffs states he has a budget deficit this year of more than $7 million. He’s opposed with detailed and transparent delineations by others on the City Council who point out the actual deficit number is more like $13 million.

The crowd as seen below loudly applauded the potential firing of Jason Freeman, a Ravi Bhalla insider from the mayor’s office who is sitting in the Business Administrator’s chair.

Freeman and another mayor insider, John Allen were quietly shuttled to safety from a layoff by Ravi Bhalla in late December with their double-digit pay increases and fat stipends in the many thousands of dollars. Part of that exclusive story was broken here in early January.

They cheered when one of their own complained there was more security in City Hall for Ravi Bhalla than there is for President Donald Trump.

Councilman Mike DeFusco brandished invisible swords slashing at every opportunity pointing out the inanity of the City Council being presented with 79 City of Hoboken employee layoffs yet they have no budget from the Bhalla Administration before them.

One union representative decried the ironic “social justice” virtue signaling from the Bhalla Administration and some on the council about matters unrelated to Hoboken adding of the municipal workers, “where’s the justice” for them and “don’t they have a right to feed their families?”

She received no answer from the Bhalla Administration. Worse, it was claimed the City of Hoboken would be saving millions of dollars annually if the State of NJ health insurance plan had been offered.

Other City workers talked about being targeted by the mayor’s office and how their outstanding efforts never appear on the city website.

Another pointed at the Bhalla Administration and the fat cat raises in the tens of thousands of dollars given to his insider staff asking, “How long would it take us” to get a similar raise in that amount? “Decades!”

And that’s only the first 30 minutes of the meeting on blast against Ravi Bhalla and his administration. See for yourself:


So why the delay in adopting the state of NJ insurance plan? It’s alleged in the meeting it “eliminates the middle man” which costs millions more in taxpayer monies.

Councilman Mike DeFusco pointed a big finger of guilt at Ravi Bhalla alleging a less than savory relationship with the health insurance broker/vendor.

A union representative seemed cognizant ominously closing, “All that is done in darkness is brought to light.”

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