Sign of the Times: Kids First Day?

Three weeks ago the Kids First grassroots campaign took to the streets united in spirit to face down an opponent with signs of heavy expenditures against it visible everywhere.  In the battle of Reform vs. the Old Guard, there was no bigger showdown since Dawn Zimmer vs. Peter Cammarano in 2009.  On that day, Hoboken looked like it had been overtaken with backing for Cammarano as his signs and street workers were seen in every corner of town.

If you were there and didn’t think Cammarano was a safe reasonable option, it appeared the election wasn’t in doubt.  A chance passing on the street with MSV Executive Publisher Jimmy the K said the opposite as he headed to the airpot, “It’s going to be close,” he stated matter of factly.  So it was.

Today as then, we’re into overtime heading to extra ballots and word of some decisive partial count is likely today.  It’s not election day in Hoboken, but some folks could be getting elected.

Stay tuned.

One Hoboken Dad shows his spirit on Election Day on uptown Washington Street for Kids First.

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