County self-promotion Beth Mason’s objective in midst of massive Hoboken losses

Councilwoman Beth Mason in her usual pattern of doubling down when exposed in unsavory acts ran a second page three ad in the weekend paper via the Mason Civic League on behalf of her Hudson County recovers website. The ad further demonstrates her investment in self-promotion even as Hoboken struggles to overcome the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

That exposure comes directly on the back of revelations on Grafix Avenger that Mason paid political operatives including a board member of her Mason Civic League produced and directed the videos appearing on the Nazi Truck.  The five trips by the Nazi Truck sought to leverage support for the Mason backed Move Forward BoE slate but backfired spectacularly with attacks defaming Grafix Avenger, MSV, Kids First, Council members Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Mayor Zimmer while flashing a Nazi swastika as it rolled all over town.

The Mason ad states it will “rebuild Hudson County,” as Hoboken has not even fully assessed its own damages and needs – according to FEMA the worst in all of Hudson County combined.  This week the City Council will meet to further address the City’s needs and pay the bills for the ongoing costs left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Beth Mason ran another weekend ad seeking hurricane donations for her Hudson County website
even as Hoboken is reeling from massive damages.  A FEMA reports shows the Mile Square
absorbed 97% of the damages in Hudson County.  That fact doesn’t stop Mason from
pursuing her personal political promotion with Hudson County politicos.    

Scores of residents also find themselves digging out and addressing their losses meeting with insurance adjustors and FEMA representatives unsure of what their total losses will be.  The City has begun a fund similar to after Hurricane Katrina to start a process to address those losses called

Hoboken’s damages as registered in an initial federal assessment is by far the worst in Hudson County and most parts of the entire state excluding several coastal areas.  The category of losses as depicted by FEMA breaks down into the following categories: affected, minor and major with the totals appearing in the far right column in the chart below.

Hudson County Total 1179 126 1011 2316
Hudson Bayonne 2 2
Hudson Guttenberg 1 1
Hudson Hoboken 1156 118 974 2248
Hudson Jersey City 5 2 3 10
Hudson Kearny 6 2 2 10
Hudson North Arlington Borough 1 1
Hudson North Bergen Township 4 3 24 31
Hudson Secaucus 2 6 8
Hudson Union City 2 2
Hudson Weehawken Township 1 1
Hudson West New York 2 2

Based on the objective data for all of New Jersey, Hoboken is far and away the most impacted from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy in northern New Jersey.  If the personal and objective data were not sufficient to have people rally around the website set up to aid Hoboken, another acting as a clearinghouse for support and volunteering has been created at

The other Hudson County town to suffer significant damage is North Bergen but it comes in a very distant second to Hoboken with 31 damaged structures.  Hoboken’s damaged structures are 2248 not including basement garden apartments and on the ground assessments.

(The page three ad in the Hudson Reporter from Beth Mason says it will rebuild Hudson County.)
Beth Mason’s “charity” says it will rebuild Hudson County but according to FEMA, Hoboken suffered 97% of the damage.  
So why doesn’t the unregistered Mason Family Civic League raise money for Hoboken?  The answer
is it doesn’t aid Beth Mason’s political ambition to land a Hudson County elected office.

Among the charities listed is a Weehawken political group connected to the town’s mayor, Richard Turner.  It’s unknown if the Weehawken mayor is aware of the group’s listing as a charity Mason seeks to collection donations.  The group faces fines in the six figure neighborhood with an investigation underway and reported earlier this year in the Jersey Journal.

Other charities listed are more Hoboken based but it’s unclear any were contacted such as the Jubilee Center before their listings appeared.  It’s unclear why anyone would need to make payments to the Mason Civic League via Paypal that takes 3% of the transaction off the top when they can contact the respective charity and make a direct donation cutting out the unnecessary cost.

The Mason ad also claims to be underwritten by the Mason Family Civic League but the Paypal page shows any money transacted goes through the Mason Civic League.  There’s no known entity registered as the Mason Family Civic League based on prior investigative reports.

Beth Mason was asked to explain via email why she is raising money for Hudson County in the face of Hoboken’s severe losses but almost always avoids answering questions.

Talking Ed Note: Beth Mason is choosing not to focus and work with Hoboken’s efforts but none of that is atypical.  Mason doesn’t play well with others, something Hudson County elected officials should beware of before they consider how to become recipients of her family allowance.

Hobokenites will not take kindly to the self-absorbed compulsion Mason exhibits to promote herself in the midst of the biggest natural disaster in the town’s history.

It’s beyond unseemly and it’s all Beth Mason.

Update: Grafix Avenger posted an update to earlier stories asking if Mayor Richard Turner is being set up by Beth Mason and her political operative for IRS violations on the 527 Weehawken group, Weehawken and You Civic Association?

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