Sign of the Times: Hoboken Housing Authority on the brink or Brink’s Truck?

With no small irony, the Hoboken Housing Authority is the site where a Brink’s Truck backed up loading away the loot if concerns raised here and at the resident Queen of Satire’s website, Grafix Avenger are accurate.

Grafix Avenger owned the story going back last summer raising questions on padding in the invoicing asking if prior payments for wiring and other accouterments are being lumped together to cover up the ludicrous per capita expenditure.
Not even a Masonista Matterina Dancer can make the questions go away.
Nothing in comparison of course to the so-called 20/20 redevelopment plan being railroaded down Hoboken’s throat with a 25% expansion raring to go.
Councilman Dave Mello who also serves as an HHA commissioner has asked for community feedback inviting comment via: or 917-699-1312
The HHA rabble rousing isn’t so much astroturfing, it’s a new variety altogether attacking Jake Stuiver.  
All that noise over an invalidated, conflicted attorney appointment.  Sorry Carmelo, ask Joe for a t-shirt.
Yesterday, HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver announced the City attorney, Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo responded to his official request last week to review the appointment with a legal opinion Charles Daglian’s appointment is invalid.   
It’s creating much agita here, there and at the Hudson Reporter where a rare comment war has broken out over a Masonista letter gone haywire.  Its placement on Mason’s favorite website Hoboken411 where iron-fisted fascist censorship is the norm only makes it appear more ridiculous.
As the HHA issues heat up, there’s also a City Council meeting tonight.  With an appeal outstanding keeping Jim Doyle’s legal appointment from completion, the Old Guard can take heart one Mason lawsuit is bearing obstructionist fruit if nothing else.
Where are all those Old Guard loyalist voices complaining about legal bills now when Beth Mason’s family checkbook along with Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti are suing Hoboken people in a pure cynical power grab after Hurricane Sandy inflicted so much damage?
Adding to the hurricane tally is a Hoboken legal bill in the tens of thousands. And counting.
Talking Ed Note: The vitriol is rising and Hoboken is nowhere near its November election.  Over at the Hudson Reporter, Masonista operatives think Da Horsey is a dancing human.  Well that’s comical since Da Horsey ain’t a humanoid but is known to foxtrot on occasion with dark chestnut fillies sporting long tresses.

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