It’s Timmy’s developer pal up for approval for his violations riddled restaurant in City Council @ 7:00

It’s that time again. Are you ready for more of MORTe’s we sue and sabotage you follies. In Episode VIII, Jim Doyle, a legally appointed councilman-in-waiting stands by and watches as Beth Mason’s family checkbook appeals the judge’s decision.

In the meantime, the bill costing Hoboken is in the five figures and counting.

If Judge Bariso had a chance to speak to Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti about their crybaby staged lawsuit last October what do you think he’d say?

The big item early on the agenda is an ordinance on the zoning violations riddled restaurant at 61 Jackson Street.  It was a nightmare of a structure ignoring the City’s rules and then having the additional moxie by quite literally stealing 500 feet of Hoboken land.

Tim Occhipinti who has yet to see a developer he won’t suck up to pre-announced his support at the last meeting even with the obvious theft of public property.  The developer happens to be one of his contributors even before he had announced he would be running.

It’s that kind of cozy relationship most Hoboken residents have forgotten about since Peter Cammarano sold zoning variances for a song to Federal informant Solomon Dwek.

As for Occhipinti, one day he walked out of a live City Council meeting to go downstairs and speak on behalf of the developer’s project at the Hoboken Zoning Board.  He was stopped right at the beginning by the board attorney who told him it was inappropriate.

Hey, at least you know where Timmy’s heart is.  As for his voting, he’s about as conflicted as the HHA attorney who advised the board to vote and approve his contract.

No doubt Timmy will tell others on the City Council they should also not deviate and do so for his developer pal.

Shades of Peter Cammarano, Timmy doesn’t disappoint. It’s been kicked back to first reading as an ordinance.

Here’s the full agenda:

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