Sign of the Times: The ghost of councilman past is about to pass ending Old Guard obstruction

The purgatory for one resident is about to pass as December marks the final two council meetings before Councilman-elect Jim Doyle will be sworn-in and take his rightful position as a Hoboken City Councilman.

Doyle’s overwhelming election by the People of Hoboken puts an end to Old Guard obstruction orchestrated through court appeals where his initial appointment was upheld by Assignment Judge Peter Bariso in Hudson Superior Court before being overturned by an ivory court decision in an appeal to the Appellate Court.  With the November election last month, the clock ran out making any petition to the New Jersey Supreme Court moot putting the final nail in the estimated six figure Mason family expenditure harming to Hoboken governance.

Councilman-elect Jim Doyle will be moving from observer at council meetings to the dais where the people of Hoboken overwhelmingly voted him to act as an at-large Councilman ending the Old Guard sabotage of the City.

Jim Doyle along with council members Ravi Bhalla and Dave Mello will all be sworn-in next month.  With it, the days of petulantly voting down necessities for Hoboken, even politicizing and voting down the permanent 9-11 Memorial are all about to come to a crashing end.

How do you think Beth Mason, Terry Castellano, Michael Russo and Timmy Occhipinti will vote on the 9-11 Memorial next time knowing it will pass?  Occhipinti voted no to the 9-11 Memorial and wanted to put it into a wind tunnel machine for testing at Stevens and delay its installation at Pier A.


Talking Ed Note: Jim Doyle’s arrival as an elected councilman at-large is not the only disappointment Beth and Ricky Mason will see, legally and otherwise.  Their Masonic six figure investment only bought them time to obstruct Hoboken and along with it, further scorn of the City.

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