December deadlock swan song @ 7:00

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December will see two council meetings with tonight the first as the ‘Year of the Braying Jackals’ as some might say in retrospect comes to a close.  The wind is most definitely out of the Old Guard council’s sails.  They looked stunned, shocked and beaten up at the early November meeting, the day after the election.

While a few retreads (i.e.Carmelitos) will continue to bray for taxpayer largesse, other losers who no longer bray themselves with the writing on the wall will watch tonight’s agenda, not expecting to see much of any surprise. The ordinance on flood prevention voted down before the election is up for second reading and likely to pass giving some cost relief (around 10%) to the broader number of residents who must buy flood insurance post Sandy.

An ordinance modifying/designating the “north end” needing rehabilitation should pass and later resolution 12 will look to make parking free in town beginning December 16th to the end of the year.  Last year there was much arguing about the value of doing so and the impact to local businesses.  From what MSV saw, it didn’t help business, it merely created downtown traffic jams where cars parked on the streets or days on end at the meters and double parking became the norm.  The police were forced to intervene and none of it looked to be aiding Hoboken’s retail businesses.

In Hoboken, it’s an outcome not unlike other bad ideas with good intentions.  For the mile square, this can be viewed as progress.  In January, real progress is coming.

Here’s tonight’s agenda:

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