Sign of the Times: Get that guy a bag

What’s worse than a power mad politician devoid of any scruples?  A person who lives vicariously through them willing to say or do anything to revel in the crumbs of power.

Kurt Gardiner at the the Hoboken Journal put together an interesting dish showing what happens when you combine such a toxic mix.

In the meantime, anyone have a bag?  Doesn’t have to be big, just wide enough to fit over a big head.

The Mason411 and Ch. 78 news anchor – “Look away, I’m hideous.”

The Hoboken Journal’s video clip shows the angry Mason411 ghostwriter full of bile for reform.  And why not?  Reform is the enemy of both he and Beth Mason.  Not that this is news to anyone paying scant attention to the local scene.

Check out more with a surprise holiday card at the Hoboken Journal:

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