Sign of the Times: Election Primaries in Progress

Today’s ballot for the Democratic Primary

Talking Ed Note: A real ballot from today’s primary above, the Republican ballot will feature presidential nominee Mitt Romney on top.

And wait who’s that off the line for Hudson County clerk against Barabara Netchert?  Why that’s Hoboken’s Paul Lichstein who’s worked on Tim Occhipinti’s campaign and also is a college classmate of the 2010 2nd ward council candidate Franz Paetzold.

Would ya look at that.

Election Notes: There’s one race with two heads butting hard in the 9th Congressional and Max Pizarro writes that one candidate is questioning 2,000 absentee ballots re: vote-by-mail  votes of the other – all out of Patterson, NJ.

In a battle where two congressional seats are being combined, it’s US Reps. Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman with the later pointing the finger at the other.

The Passaic County of Elections has impounded the ballots to the dismay of the Pascrell campaign.

Last weekend, Tim Occhipinti tweeted he was campaigning for Pascrell in Englewood Cliffs.  Can a Occhipinti monsoon of paper ballots be far behind?  It’s an Occhipinti specialty.

Birds of a feather…


Election Results: No surprises other than the one contested race in NJ’s 9th.  Rep. Bill Pascrell who was backed by former President Bill Clinton easily defeated Rep. Steve Rothman who was backed by President Obama (and the HCDO) in the only relatively local contested election.

Small potatoes compared to what happened in Wisconsin yesterday.  That echoes across the country and bodes badly for the public service government unions.

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