Council VP Cunningham: National Election primaries today, SW Park stakes and new polling locations for some in the 5th and 2nd ward

From the desk of Council Vice President Peter Cunningham:

Hello friends, family and neighbors, 

We hope that everyone has enjoyed the spring, and will soon be settled with summer plans, which we are finalizing.  We have been extremely busy with our children’s athletics and academics, which all in all have been very rewarding and great fun.

Tomorrow is election day, and the polls are open from 6am to 8pm.  Please take notice of polling location changes (in the 5th ward, 2nd District).  Fifth Ward residents that voted at the Elks Club, will now vote at Brandt School at 209 9th Street.

Wednesday, the biggest issue on the agenda is the use of eminent domain for a public purpose.  That purpose is a park.  We continue to lack open space even with 1600 Park and Sinatra online.  Status updates are forthcoming on those projects, and they are “meeting their deadlines.”  But because of poorly managed and ignored balanced development by past administrations and city councils, failed promises of parks and other amenities over the last ten years, we have much to do, and continue to be committed to meeting the demands of new urban living.  

We cannot be afraid to avail ourselves of all tools necessary, including eminent domain when negotiating to purchase property for a public benefit.  This is vastly different than the controversial Kelo vs. New London case where property was taken from one private property owner to another for economic development –   

In addition, on the agenda is action under consideration to evaluate other tracts in Hoboken to be acquired for public purpose, utilizing all tools at our disposal.

From a funding standpoint, we have already authorized a bond to be supported in part by the City’s Open Space Trust Account.  In the case of the parcel in SW Hoboken – Block 12, there’s additional County Open Space Trust funds to seed the acquisition.  Now is the time to act as time is of the essence.  Rates are at historical lows and we are focused on properties identified in our master plan for parks.

There’s more to report regarding our commitment to addressing our failing infrastructure, and that will follow.  I have to say in closing that I am extremely pleased with the budgeted hiring of Quentin Wiest, BA and Stephen Marks, Assistant BA.  Both have excellent skills to meet the ever-increasing demands of the City of Hoboken.   

I always like to hear from you with any questions, comments or concerns regarding the above, or any other issues.  And as usual, please pass along to your friends.

Peter Cunningham

Unrelated: Grafix Avenger gets to do the funny side of the demented reality of the polling station move from the Elks Club aiding the handicapped courtesy of the addled brain of Vermont Klaussen.

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