Sign of the Times: City vacates Municipal Garage

Director Jennifer Maier and Mayor Zimmer joined workers at the site of the vacated Municipal Garage

The City invited the press and local media to attend their exit from the Municipal Garage. The pending sale had been terminated earlier in the week in the City Council after the developer was accused of breaching the agreement and interfering with the City’s work to complete work for New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection.

The legal battle coming will bear largely on developer SHK’s interference and the State’s determination on the site with a $2.55 million deposit most likely the prize.

More to come…

Municipal Garage interior: vacated and empty.  Hoboken411 claimed it isn’t and insists the city would have collected the balance of $25 million Friday offering no evidence where the facts show otherwise.

Related:  The Hoboken Journal also attended the press event and is first up with a story and pictures.

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