City says goodbye to vacated Municipal Garage

The City of Hoboken executed on its plan to vacate the Municipal Garage Friday inviting press and local media to come and witness the official goodbye.  The goodbye isn’t part of the original plan in a $25 million sale but a prerequisite for a legal case against the developer and most likely a dispute in the $2.55 million deposit.

The developer who earlier had come to the City Council requesting changes to make their initial $25 million offer palatable on a property now worth $14 million was rejected.

The City of Hoboken seeks a “No Further Action” letter from the State of New Jersey.  Mayor Zimmer described the meeting the previous day with the Department of Environmental Protection as very positive but declined to make a prediction on whether the letter would be available later this month within the acceptable 10 day “cure”of the agreement with the developer.

A street scrubber, the last of city vehicles makes its departure from the Municipal Garage Friday.

Vacating the garage is a visible demonstration of good faith on the City’s efforts, now part of an emerging legal battle just beginning between the city and the developer SHK.  The developer released a letter stating they intended to make the payment although that is a legal position more than reality.  The mayor on Friday again cited “their interference” as the reason for the termination of the agreement.

Interior view of the empty Municpal Garage

Both the Mayor and Director Jennifer Maier expressed gratitude for the efforts of the City workers who executed the plan to vacate the Municipal Garage.  Director Maier was extremely proud of the work by the team as some of them are in fact being laid off.  Under such trying circumstances she marveled, “They couldn’t be more professional.”

The original closing of the garage was originally scheduled for Friday.  Hoboken411 is sticking with its lie, staying on message and condescending to the public insisting the City would not be able to vacate the garage.  It shows pictures of some vehicles and says it was from Friday morning.  But that’s irrelevant to the legal battle coming even if the photos were taken Friday morning.  (MSV does not accept anything at face value from Hoboken411 as its propaganda is the stuff of legend.)

The City planned to invite media to see for itself what’s what Friday afternoon. 

Hoboken411 is “all in” on the lie the developer was going to produce a check for the balance of $25 million to the City of Hoboken on Friday.  How do they prove that “fact?”  They don’t.  There is no escrow account and no certified check that was presented to the city available on or before Friday and no one believed the developer SHK would pay such an exorbitant amount for a property they themselves now valued at $14 million.

The legal battle will now continue indefinitely with both sides making claims they were prepared to follow through on the original closing.  The developer has asked for the deposit back.  That deposit is the heart of the disagreement and a judge may need to make a final determination as it sits in an escrow account.

Related:  The Hoboken Journal also attended the press event and was first up with a story and pictures.

Hoboken Patch has a breaking story on the uptown temporary Willow St. garage location.  A leaseholder planning on moving to the location in the future is planning to pursue legal action even though its unclear if he actually holds an existing current lease.

His quotes read as if he is making payments now on the property.  A Jersey City court appearance is scheduled for Monday.

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