Sign of the Times: City Hall locked tight Monday Night, no Mason special meeting in sight

If you put money down there would be a special City Council meeting Monday night, you were out of some coin.  Bet.  Word from the City Clerk’s office was there would be no meeting but reality has a way of intruding on the best laid plans of operatives and grandstanders even when they think they have crossed all the i’s and dotted the t’s.

A plan to harass and sully the names of two mayoral staffers didn’t materialize in a special city council meeting.
The meeting called by Councilwoman Mason turned into nothing at all.  Did anyone else cover this?

In this case, the Friday letter delivered late afternoon from Councilwoman Beth Mason calling for a meeting didn’t get off the ground.  Since she never answered the questions on the Open Meetings Act, it’s not clear what transpired between her letter and Monday but the doors at City Hall were locked up tight.

Grafix Avenger posted the letter delivered Friday by Councilwoman Beth Mason.  Once again an analysis of the letter wasn’t endearing but hey Grafix Avenger lives for this.

There’s something about a Rice notice but frankly everyone has reviewed their emails and eventually after the FBI does their due diligence, no one will care a tad about any jokes sent back to City Hall after hundreds of press releases hit the inboxes of a lengthy distribution list to Hoboken residents.

Talking Ed Note:  When the Boys of Summer at the FBI are through with this case, a lot of people will be left with egg on their face.  Worse, no one will care a whit what they say as the bad news is going to be very bad and a lot of folks will be in trouble.

When the dust settles, some will pay with time behind bars.  That’s no joke.  What some will do for power is simply amazing.  What lengths they will go to get it and attempt to destroy others, be it their livelihood or their good name is beyond unfortunate.

Frankly it’s detestable and they have it coming, every last one of them.

Happy Nightmares Minions!

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