City for sale, an insider view of Hoboken vote buying in the 4th ward

Update:  The feedback from this investigative story has been nothing short of tremendous.  Some of you have provided great responses and it has been consistently very positive.  Almost every single subscriber who has touched base expressed very strong positive reaction.  MSV will keep digging.

One subscriber advised the article be distributed to media and law enforcement.  As stated at the end of the article, you are free to send it to the New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow’s office:

MSV will reach out to others suggested as well.  Thank you!
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Da Horsey

This Hudson Mile Square View special investigative report provides insight into the vote buying in Hoboken from the eyes of the people paid to vote.

This even with the NJ AG having a fat file of issues on the desk forwarded from the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office last November in Hoboken’s 4th ward special election.

It recounts the continued abuse of the integrity of the vote and the culture of corruption in our midst.
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The Hudson Mile Square View

An excerpt from Part 1 of City for sale:
It didn’t take MSV long to find Mr. X.  He literally found us as we made our way through lower Jackson Street in less than 10 minutes, attempting to look as obvious and out of place as possible with a camera visibly hung out for view.  “Are you here for the elections,” Mr. X asked.  “Yes but not this one,” was the reply indicating it wasn’t the Tuesday Assembly race bringing me there.  Some may believe this is exaggerated, but in fact it’s completely accurate. 

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