Sign of the Times: Beth Mason a lamp post affair

It’s Monday and the “Sign of the Times” photo series brings us an odd combination: Beth Mason campaign signs at the NJ Transit 2nd Street Light Rail Station. The photo was provided by a reader, the Bank Robber who was no doubt inspired by the story “Legal Usage or Free Speech” triple Mason poster on Washington St.

Easily out of the reach of most mortal men (or a couple of Donnas) the poster has somehow crawled its way out of reach of most people. Does Beth now have dunking capable high school students performing these super acts of heroism on public property?

Thanks for keeping the kids employed Beth. You should withhold some pay though for them damaging your head.

Update: 2:45 – We have an unconfirmed report one of the two Mason signs has now disappeared from the lamp posts near the second street light rail station.  Please notify Hoboken411 so they can lambast the thief for this hideous crime and rally the Masonite base.  We are asking for the help of the community to return this Mason campaign sign to its rightful place on public property.

Photo courtesy: the Bank Robber, click photo to enlarge.

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