Mason Campaign yanks attack videos

The Mason campaign has apparently pulled two of the three Stophidingthebudget videos posted on youtube.  Three videos posted just a couple of days ago were under the author moniker Stophidingthebudget.  All three featured the camera angles and quality footage from Councilwoman Beth Mason’s cameraman shot in City Council chambers last Wednesday.  

Two of the videos yanked were related to the Hoboken flooding issue.  One contained footage with verbal overlays criticizing the Acting Mayor for not executing grant applications with the North Hudson Sewerage Authority.  The other cited waste for a $100,000 proposal for EmNet technology, not yet approved or implemented.

Earlier today Mile Square View broke the story with the complete details including a late breaking note that a meeting will be taking place tomorrow on the EmNet LLC proposal.  Ironically, while walking on Washington St. our story came up when stopping by an outdoor table outside Beth Mason’s headquarters in a chance introduction with Inez Garcia-Keim.  

Did someone on the Mason campaign read the story and decide it best to cover their tracks now and pull the videos?  Was there concern the meeting tomorrow would make the videos backfire?  At this time, it’s impossible to say.  But we guarantee Da Horsey will certainly try to find out.

The third video also shot from Beth Mason’s cameraman in City Council Chambers is still viewable.  We noted in an earlier piece Friday the video ends before Land Bajardi completed his remarks calling the Acting Mayor “a sham.”

For those interested in the portion of the City Council meeting referenced in the Stophidingthebudget video, it begins a couple minutes in.  It stars the Hoboken citizen of the hour, yes him again Lane Bajardi.  Has something gone awry with the orchestration?
Paging Paul Swibinski, please report to Da Horsey courtesy phone.


Update: 11:25 pm – We solved at least part of the mystery.  In the Stophidingthebudget Mason attack videos, the two yanked contradict a unanimous vote in the City Council for a resolution to have the North Hudson Sewerage Authority review the latest proposal on the EmNet technology dated August 17th, 2009.  The discussion in the City Council in the video above begins at the 15:25 mark (you can slide it ahead) between Councilwoman Beth Mason and Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  A few minutes later, the Council’s resolution asking the NHSA to review the $100,000 EmNet proposal passes with all Council members voting yes, including Beth Mason.

The youtube Stophidingthebudget video titled, “Zimmer wastes $100,000” included a note stating, “What’s next, a nice fat donation from Em Net (sic) to the Dawn Zimmer campaign?  Right out of the Dave Roberts for mayor playbook.  Please stop wasting taxpayer money, Dawn.”

Can you push attack ads against something you just voted for two days earlier?  Well why not; this is Hoboken.  There’s an election coming up, haven’t you heard?

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