Shooting in Hoboken ends with 18 year old slain

According to a report; two arrests have been made in the fatal shooting of an 18 year old in Hoboken, also naming the victim who died in the hospital.


An 18 year man was reported shot and killed in Hoboken yesterday according to a story.

According to a statement by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office:

The last homicide in Hoboken came in 2013 when three teenagers beat up a a homeless man in what is called a game of “knockout” where an unsuspecting victim is stalked and then punched. 
The man was homeless and died as a result of the attack and one of the there three teens was sentenced to confinement in the juvenile system.
A fatal shooting involving an 18 year old male
occurred yesterday but details including the name
of the deceased remain unclear.

Talking Ed Note: There’s basic details of the story completely missing. No name of the deceased, his residence or anything involving the events that took place other than age, sex and cause of death.

This is odd. The story details are buttoned up tighter than the last Hoboken shooting last February where the suspicious death of a Hoboken man shot in the chest on Grand Street took place.

That man, Leonid Markevitch was the husband of Liz Markevitch who ran for a BoE trustee position on the 2012 Move Forward ticket. The suspicious death was thought a suicide.

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