Second complaint filed in City Council speaker snafu

MSV confirms Perry Belfiore served a civil complaint after David Liebler last month on being removed from speaking during public portion at an October 21, 2015 City Council meeting

One is the loneliest number but David Liebler and his civil litigation against the City of Hoboken is lonely no more. He’s been joined in a similar civil rights claim by well known Hoboken politico Perry Belfiore who filed a similar complaint after being ejected from the October 21, 2015 City Council meeting during public portion.

The ejections were related to mentions of Mayor Dawn’s husband, Stan Grossbard, ruled out of order by then City Council President Ravi Bhalla.

According to online records, a complaint on behalf of Belfiore was filed in NJ District Court on October 21, 2016 against the City of Hoboken and Councilman Ravi Bhalla. He is represented by Greg F. Paster & Associates.

The City of Hoboken and Councilman Ravi Bhalla show representation and appearances by Victor Afanador and Adam Najib on December 14, 2016.

Unlike the civil suit brought by David Liebler, the Belfiore civil complaint names only those two parties, not all of the Hoboken city council members.

In a brief phone interview, Perry Belfiore reluctantly acknowledged the civil complaint’s filing and the initial work performed by former Hoboken Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman. The former city attorney in recent years is listed on his LinkedIn page working for Greg F. Paster & Associates and is known for performing legal work over years for former councilwoman Beth Mason.

The complaint requests a trial by jury.

Here is the original incident published by MSV from the October 21st, 2016 council meeting:

Talking Ed Note:
MSV has left a message with Greg F. Paster & Associates and is awaiting a call back as the attorney is unavailable at the moment.

Steve Kleinman was present at numerous hearings working with former Councilwoman Beth Mason in criminal charges filed against MSV in 2015. The criminal case was thrown out of court last May in Jersey City Municipal Court. Mason had alleged she was assaulted on the council dais with a no. 10 white envelope containing a witness subpoena for the Bajardi v. Pincus trial.

Mason made numerous other charges of criminality alleging she was being followed in Hoboken and other alleged harassment but provided zero evidence at trial before the case was thrown out of court.

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