“She’s dead Jim”

The fitting conclusion to the Bench Slapped Series: Beth Mason is kaput.

Bizzarely, a release written by someone on her behalf announced the end of Beth Mason’s notorious political career on Hoboken411.

Also known as Hate411, the blog Beth Mason called her “favorite news site” is where her political operatives held reign for years running political operations attempting to control all public discourse.

Fanciful stories were ghost written by fanatical minion Lane Bajardi in an attempt to advance her political career well into 2011 with Perry Klaussen following orders not unlike a sock puppet on censorship and production details right down to what caption to write in a story.

No mention of Beth Mason trying to kill the hospital, Hoboken’s finances, her SLAPP-suit support or the fallout following Hudson Superior Court’s massive smackdown last month ordering her political operatives to pay over $275,000 for a SLAPP-suit of frivolous litigation.

With revelation earlier this year in a MSV exclusive of her political operatives behind the Nazi Truck, the list of Beth Mason’s nefarious actions against Hoboken people appeared endless.

Certainly, there’s no mention of the series of emails released in the war against the First Amendment she waged with her political operatives published here and Grafix Avenger.

One key former ally in the Russo faction said at the end of last week, “She’s out.”

In the end, even the people who took Mason’s money to run political operations and advance themselves politically for years couldn’t stand her.

Beth Mason gave up the ghost. After millions of dollars spent terrorizing Hoboken to move up the political ladder, she’s throwing in the towel and won’t attempt to purchase re-election. She reportedly suffered a meltdown after the July 8th Hudson Superior Court legal decision declaring the three year SLAPP-suit by her long time political operatives frivolous ordering over $275,000 in sanctions. Mason then missed four consecutive City Council meetings and went into hiding staying out of sight most of the summer in Virginia.

More to come on the epic debacle of a political “career.”

Related: Beth Mason’s humorous nemesis, Grafix Avenger published her satirical takeoff on Mason’s fall with an expose revealing she’s a 50% owner of a Weehawken dive bar with her main political operative, James “FinBoy” Barracato.

The timing of the dive bar’s purchase GA notes just precedes the three year running SLAPP-suit which the Bajardis finances showed no ability to fund in the estimated hundreds of thousands of dollars ($400,000 – $500,000) against a dozen Hoboken residents in five different states with more than several lawyers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and California. (Double digits of NJ attorneys had spurned having anything to do with the SLAPP-suit.)

Beth Mason testified last February she had not funded the lawsuit herself (on her $22K City Council salary). She made no mention of her family funds which also squandered seven figures on her “political career.”

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