BREAKING: Frank Raia files for Hoboken Third Ward City Council!


Hoboken, here’s your official City Council lineups for the November elections:

First ward: Terry Castellano (I) vs. Michael DeFusco

Second ward: Tiffanie Fisher, Bonnie Murray and Peter Biancamano.

Third ward: Michael Russo (I) vs. Frank “Pupie” Raia

Fourth ward: Timmy Occhipinti (I) vs. Ruben Ramos and Dana Wefer

Fifth ward: Peter Cunningham (I) vs. Eduardo Gonzalez and Melissa Blanco

Sixth Ward: Jen Giattino (I) vs. Carmelo Garcia.

(I) = incumbent

12:15 PM – This just in – Frank “Pupie” Raia is at Hoboken City Hall’s Clerk’s Office and he’s come bearing gifts for the filing deadling today.

In filing his petitions, Raia is officially a candidate for Michael Russo’s Third Ward City Council seat.

Frank “Pupie” Raia seen here at a 2013 City Council forum
is officially a candidate for the Third Ward seat facing off
against Michael Russo.

In additional news, as promised, Hudson Tea Building condo president Tiffanie Fisher also filed today as a candidate in Hoboken’s second ward. Beth Mason released a wacky statement on the Hoboken411 blog standing down for a real second ward representative to emerge.

To keep Fisher company on the ballot for second ward council, Brian Murray’s wife Bonnie  filed her petitions today too.

With Beth Mason out, Peter Biancamano is expected to also file as a candidate in the second ward by the 4:00 pm filing deadline.

As promised, Tiffanie Fisher seen here at City Hall
filed to be a candidate for the second ward council seat
in this November’s Hoboken election.

Hoboken’s fourth ward has a trifecta of candidates going head to head. Incumbent Timmy Occhipinti is vying against Ruben Ramos and Reform’s Dana Wefer. She made a visit to City Hall earlier today and posted a photo with her brand new baby girl.

Fourth ward candidate Dana Wefer today at City Hall submits her
petitions with her newest family addition: a baby girl.

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