Sharyn Angley: Please vote for Parents for Progress – 2, 3, 5 – for Hoboken!

The following letter was submitted by BoE candidate Sharyn Angley on behalf of the Parents for Progress Slate.

The BoE election is Tuesday.

Dear Horsey & MSV readers,

With the Board of Education election on the horizon, we, as Parents for Progress, would like to introduce ourselves.  We are Antonio Gray, Sharyn Angley and Monica Stromwall.  Together we have 8 children between the ages of 2 and 10 years old.  We are proud, committed, and involved parents of children in the Hoboken Public School District.  With our professional backgrounds, we are confident that we can make level-headed, objective decisions.  

The most important decision a board makes is to hire a qualified superintendent.  We will work with the Board to identify and hire the most highly qualified candidate for Superintendent, who will bring a long-term commitment to the children and parents of the Hoboken district.

We are excited about the positive things going on in our district, such as:

  • Wallace teacher, Mark Mautone named New Jersey teacher of the year
  • Steady increases on state testing
  • A revamped curriculum that includes Singapore math in the elementary grades
  • The Johns Hopkins University gifted and talented program
  • Fourteen Advanced Placement college-level courses offered at Hoboken Junior Senior High School
  • More than 20 athletic programs offered at Hoboken Junior Senior High School

We look forward to furthering this progress and are eager to bring some new ideas to the table, such as:

  • Collaborate with the charter schools to work together for the future of our children.  We should be sharing ideas and establishing ways to excite students to stay in town for junior and senior high school
  • Partner with local universities to establish small learning communities that could enable students to graduate high school with 1-2 years of college credits

We want our community to thrive and that includes having educational options.  Parents should have the right to decide what is best for their children and we respect that.  That being said, we will work hard to help make our school district a reason people want to stay in Hoboken.

Please vote Parents for Progress on November 4th.

Educationally Yours,
Antonio Gray, Sharyn Angley and Monica Stromwall

Parents for Progress

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