City Council President Jen Giattino: “Join me and cast your vote for Parents for Progress”

Dear Horsey & MSV readers:

Last week, I attended the Hoboken High School Open House along with an impressive number of people from our community. As a community member, I was extremely proud to see and hear the passion, excitement and successes surrounding the school. It is clear that our tax dollars are being put to good use in the classrooms by improving and updating school facilities and programs and our children are being well taken care of. The administration, staff and students were wonderful. I am really proud of the progress the School Board has made over the last five years and I absolutely want to see that positive progress continue.

It is clear that that our schools are on the right track but we need the right leaders to keep it going. I will be voting for The Parents for Progress slate of Antonio Gray (2H), Sharyn Angley (3H) and Monica Stromwall (5H). They are involved parents and active school volunteers who are happy with the education that their children are receiving in our district. As Board Trustees they will be there to ensure that these positive changes continue.

Every vote counts! On Tuesday November 4th, please join me and cast your vote for The Parents for Progress slate, Antonio Gray (2H), Sharyn Angley (3H) and Monica Stromwall (5H).

Jennifer Giattino
Hoboken City Council

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