Senator Sarlo pushing job for a crony

This is audio of a clip where NJ State Senator Sarlo, the big proponent of NJ Transit’s huge monolith overshadowing Hoboken is heard making his famous comments on mike when a nomination he’s pushing goes down in flames.

Senator Sarlo votes yes but the vote for a fourth job, or is it the fifth (along with two pensions for one of his cronies) goes down in flames.  Listen to the eruption yourself.  He clearly doesn’t care about the culture of corruption in New Jersey.  He’s a proponent. 

While the NJ Transit battle looms ahead, we’re eager to take this right to the door of a proud card carrying member of this State’s culture of corruption.  Bring it!  Wally Edge at PolitickerNJ is stating Sen. Sarlo is not giving up.  He’s going to bring his boy back for another vote to try to get him job number five on Monday.

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Hat tip: Tony Soares who found and sent this over.

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