Hoboken411 – the first retraction – Ever!

It came to our attention yesterday that a huge historical event occurred in Hoboken.  We could scarcely believe it ourselves when the buzz got out that Hoboken411 made a retraction.  That’s certainly big news in these parts.  So what’s the retraction about?  Is it the numerous lies and half-truths he spilled over this past election cycle, his support for our last arrested mayor or his continued lying butchery of the truth on the newly elected one?  Well none of those actually.  See our neighbor the jolly green vegetable for all the details.  He’s written a companion piece to go along with some unearthed youtube videos of the man behind Hoboken411.  In all our travels around town covering meetings and events, we only saw him once.  He clearly knew who Da Horsey was because our camera was set up dead center.  He was nervously looking out from the corners of his eyes.  If we didn’t have some interviewing to do, we would have had a few words for him on the incident below.  Maybe next time.

Full disclosure, Da Horsey knows more about Hoboken411 than the average reader.  We’ve had exclusive photos of a police arrest taken off our site and posted on Hoboken411 without permission.  When we demanded they be taken down we discovered firsthand what others said about Hoboken411’s arrogance.  Via email he proclaimed his victimhood, said the photos were “given” to him and eventually said he would take them down when he got around to it.  

The Hoboken Journal ties the megalomania together rather nicely.  The videos must be old though. He’s much fatter now.

Photo depiction courtesy of the Grafix Avenger

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