Scourge of the local Hoboken internet or a certain Mason411 friend????

Last month someone pointed out to MSV a new voice on the local scene making its presence known (and that’s an understatement) on the Hoboken forum.  Of course we’re talking about a certain diamond in the rough.  The new moniker, bludiamonds has entered the Hoboken political landscape like a freight train, gaining lots of attention and even a glorious salute recently on Grafix Avenger.

So what is this less than shiny diamond espousing?  Well it appears to be a parody of one Beth Mason shill, someone who is not paid to be her friend but consistently repeats her party line (when not writing it for her) all over local Hoboken websites in his 100 screen names and on her favorite website as the chief credentialed smearing ghostwriter at Hoboken411.

The objective of said bludiamonds is not clear.  But he or she is certainly causing quite a stir and drawing some fire most recently in the City Council meeting when the anonymous scribe was accused of being a “contemptible liar” for suggesting the object of its parody had sought any “sworn” position in the City of Hoboken.

Well now bludiamonds has started its own twitter list.  No doubt it’s sure to generate a following and a big fan club.   There’s just too much juice coming out of that stone.

For more on the  Hoboken phenomenon or to follow, please see the twitter link:!/blu_diamonds

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