Is imprisoned ex-mayor Peter Cammarano singing like a canary?

Based on an obscure reference on the Hoboken forum, Grafix Avenger wonders if the note there by one Iago Jones saying he’s shaved off three months of his sentence is true?

But Iago may have only stumbled onto part of the truth.  Grafix Avenger verifies his stay in one federal Pennsylvania abode is in fact shaved almost a full third from his original 24 month sentence.

That was fast.

Mayor Peter Cammarano (center) soaks up the suck up from Beth Mason’s friend Lane Bajardi (r)
For more on the felon soon to be returning to his loyal corrupt followers in 2012:
Talking Ed Note: A third off the sentence sounds like more than good behavior. Then again two years facing twenty sounded like one hell of a deal too.  Sing Petey boy, sing!
Photo courtesy the Hoboken Journal

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