Schools, politics and the Hoboken Tutu Dilemma

A firestorm has flared featuring a dancing ballerina, a curious transgender gal and Grafix Avenger
who apparently is awaiting a Statement of the Stick in the middle of it all.  

Roses and Beauty & the Beast producer not included.

It’s a story only Hoboken can see happen. Last weekend rave reviews for Beauty and the Beast at the local high school have followed with curious gal dancing or is it Stick’s private dancer. It’s difficult to keep up.

But keep up we must, thus, the Tutu dilemma. Stay tuned.

MSV analysis on the Tutu dilemma (also known in legal circles as an opinion).

Hoboken schools are the protruding target this November. In 2012, a move to November elections by the presiding BoE was savagely fought by Old Guard adherents who were less than obvious about not being eager to see more voters enter the fray. Something unspoken about the limitations of VBM vote harvesting.

The citywide BoE vote totals the last two years however have seen an emerging increase in VBM utilization re: harvesting. Well over 400 two years ago and the 600 ballpark in the last election means these campaign people are some of the finest urban agriculturalists around.

Grafix Avenger is highlighting what she believes is a coordinated Old Guard political effort trashing the BoE with the aim of snapping off a majority in this fall’s BoE election. MSV summarizes some of the players in a potential fall production dubbed “The Tutu Dilemma.”

The Players

Anthony “Stick” Romano – First and foremost, the current county Freeholder, anticipated 2017 mayoral challenger and a former BoE official in the bad old darksider days. Stick took credit for the two BoE seats picked up when a tsunami of Vote-by-Mail came in late and saw a potential sweep by the Reach Higher ticket erased.

Stick walked away from the disastrous City Council election claiming he had nothing to do with it. One can believe what one chooses to believe but he did publicly declare war on Reform before declaring himself Switzerland after the results came in 7-2 and the OG was swept assunder on the Hoboken City Council.

The big question: Did Stick call Anthony “Curious Gal” Petrosino “an asshole?” Is a statement to that effect about to be issued? MSV reached out and is awaiting Freeholder Romano’s response but would like to know who the mysterious person(s) the conversation took place with on the record.

Anthony “Curious Gal” Petrosino – also self-named prosbus magically showing up with an affidavit for the disastrous SLAPP-suit failure shortly before the first trial date. Petro is a former Asst. Superintendent of the Hoboken school district and saw his full time paying gig cut off when Kids First took the reins and elected not to pay someone full time who was working in Austin, Texas. He sued the BoE and the judge didn’t agree with the concept of “A tale of two cities and two full time paychecks.” He landed up having to write one to the district. You mad Bro?

Petro currently sits on the board of charter school HoLa and is an acolyte of Frank “Pupie” Raia. In his free time he enjoys commenting as a curious gal and driving around with Pupie on Election Day collecting numbers. He does numerical analysis on the Hoboken BoE from every conceiveable angle except on the hundreds of votes attached to paper ballots, re: Vote by Mail. Also known for frequently responding to the names Lane, Kim, Kimmy and prospuss on Hoboken Patch.

Does he wear a dress for any of his sidebar engagements or does he make fitting recommendations for Stick? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. So many questions, so little dress size information.

Peter Biancamano – current BoE trustee. Has not been seen much since his defeat for second ward council last November. His campaign manager Pablo guaranteed victory. Peter must have believed it and thought Monarch Man was destined for superhero status in Hoboken. Reportedly tried to crash a BoE dinner event without a paid ticket.

John Madigan – toot! toot! No, that’s not the Trump train. Get on board at your own risk. What does $40 get? 

Brittany Montgomery – not a lot of sizzle. She’s one fine actress and reads her lines. Perfectly.

Danielle Miller – may be offered script to produce “Fear and Loathing of BoE School Resources.” A tepid tale of how the rich kids plotted to get the poor kids lunch money, pool and parts in a highly popular theater arts program. She’s winning plenty with accolades for “Beauty and the Beast.” May be presented with a political satire script, “The Tutu Dilemma.” Who will play young Stick and what prancing skills are required?

Grafix Avenger – Hoboken’s best and Northern NJ’s finest satirist on local politics, whether you agree or disagree. Mom to an extremely gifted BoE district student, Little Avenger. Doesn’t think the Hoboken schools are a jobs program or no-show job bank. Raised the question why Petro is in Austin, Texas writing “crapademic” fibs about the Hoboken BoE while simultanouesly sitting on the board of the HoLa charter school. Waiting for Godot or a statement from Anthony Romano condemning same. Odds on landslide favorite to show first: Godot. Hoboken bookies declining to take any wagers on Stick.

The as to unnamed production is set for release this November. That’s Election Day if you didn’t know.

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