Hovie in a landslide

This video courtesy of Hudson County View condenses some of the discussion surrounding the eventual unanimous council vote appointing Hovie Forman to the HHA as a commissioner.

Other applicants attempted to make a case for themselves to no result garnering not a single vote.
Is it because of their previous support of the extremely controversial Carmelo Garcia? Or does racist and anti-Semitic remarks play a role? How about family members in the HHA who were by sheer political magic not paying any rent at all? 
Would any of these things be problematic to “turning back the clock” in the Hoboken Housing Authority?

When MSV interviewed a lifetime Hoboken official about the abuses of people in the HHA, they simply remarked, “that’s the way it’s always been.”

Talking Ed Note: Does anyone find it remarkable that some want, as Michael Russo said leading into last fall’s council races, that voters should turn Hoboken back to its former days of “glory.”

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