Scam-Alert: Phony phone spoofing imitating Da Horsey

Phone scam mimics the phone number of the Stable but isn’t Da Horsey

Well you never know who you will annoy enough to come up with another angle to initiate personal attacks but today was the day. Hey Da Horsey has been cursed, threatened, assaulted, had false charges filed in multiple court actions but today was a new one.

A person with a long history of political activism contacted Da Horsey to ask if a call had been placed just earlier to them.  As it turns out, the call was never made from the stable but was in fact a phone call spoofer.  
Hello, this is Da Horse… except it’s not.
Some scammer is trying to make trouble pretending to be MSV.
Not cool and spoofing someone’s phone in such a manner is…
you guessed it, illegal. 
Spoofing a phone isn’t difficult these days. The act is basically taking a known number and having the real number camouflaged using software or a third party product before placing the call to an unsuspecting victim.  In this instance, a conversation continued for a short spell before the person on the receiving end of the spoof call was shocked at being cursed at before the conversation quickly ended.

The phony calls are continuing as of 6:30 PM.

Keep it up and you’ll find yourself answering to the Hoboken Police Department or another law enforcement agency not of your choosing.

Good luck and good night.

Update: 7:50 – Based on the numerous victims the culprits have been reduced to a certain Beth Mason political operative working on behalf of the Ruben Ramos campaign who also has publicly signed on to Vision 20/20.

Expect a knock on the door buddy. Ding-dong, it ain’t Avon calling.

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