Eduardo Gonzalez files complaint in vendors excessive contribution of $150

Zimmer campaign returned funds as vendors under review for contributions exceeding $300
The Hudson Reporter did the story this week on two vendors exceeding $300 contribution limits doing business with the City.  Although the excessive monies in the donations of $450 each had already reportedly been returned for $150 each, it’s received additional coverage.

Eduardo Gonazalez, a council slate candidate on the Ruben Ramos campaign filed the complaint.  He also sits on the Hoboken Housing Authority Board voting in favor of Carmelo Garcia’s agenda.

Hudson County TV was the first to get the complete story out yesterday with a video of the story.

Councilman Michael Russo declared the two vendors who made the series of donations exceeding the $300 limit by $150 each should consider their contracts nullified with the City on Hoboken Patch.

Talking Ed Note: Congratulations to Hudson County TV for getting the complete story.

Grafix Avenger has a story getting to the deep underbelly of this story:

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