Russo to mayor: ‘You want dee votes, you gotta kiss da ring’

At the latest farce of a council meeting sans the councilman-in-waiting Doyle, MORTe unleashed its secret weapon with the City’s budget held hostage at the point of a gun.  If you are going to sue Hoboken people for months on end, keep losing and get admonished by a judge for your “gamesmanship,” it doesn’t mean you can’t get paid while the case is out again on appeal.

The man giving the orders, at least in his mind is Councilman Michael Russo or as he would like it, Third Ward Councilman Godfather.

As Council Peter Cunningham tabulated the damage from MORTe’s intransigence, Councilman Russo interjected to the generic suggestion Cunningham made on a series of obstructed votes and the damage in not hiring an engineer.

In summation, it went this way:

Cunningham: The sky is blue therefore we will not be seeing needed rain (or an engineer hired).

Russo: Excuse me, but that’s your opinion and you’re no meterologist. The sky is brown and I would appreciate if you don’t speak for me cuz I can dooz dat for myself.

Cunningham:  Hey, you can have your opinion on what color the sky is and I’m telling you like it is.

Russo: Well Bet may think she is the gelt, the power and the glory but I’m telling da mayor, if you want dem votes, you gotta bow down and kiss the ring.  (Whispering off mic: And Ma’s gravy stained t-shirt too.)

Cunningham: I talk to the administration and I know very well what color the sky is.

Russo: You saw what we did to Doyle?  That’s nothing for what we got planned for you.  This budget is our hostage.  Da mayor is going to kiss my ring or else.  I’m going to make her an offer she can’t refuse or we’ll blow this mofo down.  Remember the hospital?  We’ll do it this time, don’t tempt me.

Cunningham:  Contact the administration folks like you’ve been urged and do your job.  Stop acting like the job operates only during council meeting to the next council meeting.

Russo: I’m gonna do it.  I’ll give the order and blow this budget’s brains out.  You tell the mayor she has to call me and make arrangements to kiss my ring.  You want a budget, well the family has to get paid.

Cunningham: Whateva, you wannabe godfather, GFY.

Michael Russo is a man of many things.  To some, he’s a third ward councilman and perhaps a federal informant. 
To others he’s the Old Guard’s de facto leader and to still others, he’s the godfather of the Hoboken Sopranos.  
Russo’s demanding the mayor pay tribute or he’s going to give the order and the budget gets whacked.
(The mayor for better or worse doesn’t understand the Hoboken Sopranos dialect.)

After an evening where the Hoboken Sopranos sent an unmistakable message where the legislative casualties that evening were laid in a heap, Godfather Russo said he don’t need to see no damn budget.  He announced it Dead-On-Arrival and persona non-tribute-paying-grata.

Russo wants tribute.  He wants to get paid.  He wants respect.  Most important of all, he wants Mayor Zimmer to bend on one knee and kiss the ring and hear her say, “Be my friend councilman, I mean godfather.”

If the NJ Appellate Court now hearing MORTe’s second appeal after they lost the Doyle case in Hudson County Superior Court decides on an expedited basis to uphold Judge Peter Bariso, then it’s MORTe who gets whacked.

If the Mason family can keep losing but stave off Doyle being sworn in with more appeals, then the City of Hoboken is going to see a war.  The body count will not be finalized until November.  The City budget will be the biggest early casualty.

For those who wish for the literal translation of Russo Godfather speak, here’s the essential video clip from Wednesday night’s meeting.


Michael Russo Godfather-FBI informant graphic courtesy of Jhnny “to the butter” Newman.

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