2013 Budget hearings begin 2:00 – 7:00 inside City Hall

The first of a series of budget hearings may begin with a subcommittee hearing to kick the sessions off open to the public inside Council Chambers in City Hall at 2:00 today.  As MORTe has made clear at the council meeting last week, their four members have little interest in meaningfully participating in the budget hearings.

If there are not five members present, there is no quorum for the noticed budget hearing.  Councilwoman Jen Giattino will hold the proceedings as the head of the finance subcommittee under that umbrella .  (The council is one member short due to Mason-Russo-Castellano-Occhipinti’s lawsuit. They lost in Hudson County Superior Court but have made another appeal.)

(Budget hearing is going ahead under that name.)

Over several years, the Zimmer Administration and the reform majority have found real savings in the budget hearings.  It’s somewhere in the range of 400-500K all told, an impressive streamlining of government services to obtain the biggest bang for the buck.

Mayor Zimmer has made it a habit to reduce the cost of government, cutting the tax levy by almost $7 million alone.  The proposed 2013 budget is four percent less than last year and includes a 2% tax reduction for most taxpayers.

Today’s schedule:

– Legal Department, Mellissa Longo, Esq.: Saturday, March 9th, 2-3:30p
– Administration, BA Quentin Wiest & Director Solomon Steplight: Saturday, March 9th, 3:30-5p
– Public Safety, Director Jon Tooke: Saturday, March 9th, 5-7p

Office of Corporation Counsel

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Department of Administration

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Department of Public Safety

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