The Russo-Mason Empire Strikes Back: Attacks Jake Stuiver with midnight flyer

The mud is really flying now with a midnight flyer appearing in the 3rd ward, apparent retaliation to the Jake Stuiver’s recounting of Beth Mason’s sentiments on being a 2nd ward councilwoman.

The flyer shows a picture of Jake Stuiver and accuses him of buying votes in the HHA.  Unlike the standard $40 believed by many observers as paid for votes, it claims rent will be paid, a far more generous offer.  It requests the reader to contact the NJ Attorney General’s office.

Currently, the only complaint filed with the NJ Attorney General came from the Hudson County Prosecutor’s office.  The numerous issues raised from the 4th ward special election all concern problems stemming from Tim Occhipinti’s campaign.

In a bit of added irony, the Mike Lenz camapaign received all of 20 votes in the HHA while Tim Occhipinti unknown to its residents managed to submit 500 paper ballots while paying over 550 people to “campaign” for him, most coming from the housing authority at $40 per person.

The end of the flyer instructs the reader to call Jake Stuiver “because City Hall is not for sale,” – the catch phrase Stuiver used in leading a City Hall protest against Councilman Mike Russo.  The protest took place after FBI surveillance tapes were released showing the 3rd ward councilman agreeing to trade developer support for an excessive donation to his campaign, “Russo for Hoboken.

MSV deleted the personal information for publication.

Talking Ed Note: Does anyone know where Beth Mason’s minion was last night?
We’ll try and get an original from Councilman Mike Russo and Beth Mason.  Councilman Mike Russo represents the third ward where the flyer surfaced on cars.

Perhaps they will accuse a reform member of the council for doing this.  Ah, the politrickin is in full season now.

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