Beth Mason finally puts out one ELEC report -but 35K? Did she mean 350K?

Beth Mason 5-2-2011 ELEC

There’s nothing like a milk cartoon with your picture on it to motivate your staff to get you (and your ELEC) off the missing list.  Monday afternoon Beth Mason finally got her very overdue 29 day (from election) ELEC report in and it’s revealing but not in ones she would hope you’d believe.

The expenditures listed at just under $35K in this week’s late report doesn’t compute with a Beth Mason election campaign.  Even considering this is not a citywide election, she’s been spending money on TV commercials and print mailers faster than all other campaigns combined to this point.

How can that possibly be less than $35,000?

The most prominent expenditure in her report is for consultant Ryan Yacco of Bluewater Operations.  His payments in just the first quarter total over $12,000.  Beth Mason also spent $1,500 on polo shirts.

So how are all these other people being paid?

And where is Beth Mason’s ELEC report?  Yes, the 29 day pre-election report is old news now.  The 11 day is overdue as we are a week out from the election.

Beth Mason is trampling all over the ELEC requirement and the City of Hoboken’s pay to play law before the ink is even dry.  Now that’s some amazing chutzpah when you consider she trumpeted the passed legislation and wrapped herself in its flag.

Got transparency?

Talking Ed Note: POG the People for Open Government are still in a bad position with President Alice Crozier silent on all of this.  How can POG remain silent on Beth Mason’s continual flouting of ELEC?

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