Russo Insider: Silence before the slaughter

The Russo Insider Deep Uvula allowed a little vibrato to emerge but only for a brief moment.  It’s just enough to note what MSV shared with another colleague earlier, boy it sure is quiet out there.   Go to and there’s no political operative trial balloons, no finger pointing, no Mason411 operative even trying to cause a nuisance on trivialities.

Deep Uvula says it’s tense for the Old Guard while awaiting for the bombs to fall.
The short comments confirm what MSV suspected.  This one has legs.

It’s complete radio silence and apparently every man for himself.  As DU says:

…Everyone is nervous. Everyone.  No smiles or jokes. 
It’s not over. More bodies are going overboard…. 

So this confirms what our horse sense said in yesterday’s late story. The padlock at City Hall is just the beginning and when the dots get connected for whatever reason(s) the dots are being connected, it’s going to be big and very bad news. Bad news served for more than one.

Anyone hear from Hoboken411 or Beth Mason’s minion since City Legal whacked out the legs from underneath the smearmeister’s chair?

Sleep with one eye open minions.  The next knock you hear…

More on the tingling frightened fleshy mass at Grafix Avenger:

Talking Ed Note: NJ Attorney Paula Dow, please come to Hoboken for the spring time.
Bring the boys of summer from Newark with you.

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