Gary Holtzman: ‘A fraction of voters decide for everyone’

The following is a letter to the editor from Hoboken resident Gary Holtzman.

In the recent municipal elections, only 22% of registered voters voted.  Of that, those of us focused on reform and moving the city ahead, were less than half.  In other words, WE made up less than 10% of the voters who showed up, and we all know, “decisions are made by those who show up.”

I find it amazing that everyone I spoke to swears they voted.  Whether you actually did vote or were just being polite, we desperately need you, the silent non-voting majority to vote. So, make your life easy and just vote by mail.  I know, I know, you voted, so please take a minute and forward this to friends and neighbors who didn’t.

June 7th we can elect Ravi Bhalla to represent us in the NJ State Assembly, and, if you are a Democrat, we really need your vote to keep the Hoboken Democratic Party a reform majority.  We will all be running on line “C” for Change, with Ravi. It’s easy, VOTE BY MAIL, and guarantee that you have a voice.
To apply for “Vote by Mail” fill out the attached application and mail it to the County Clerk.   It has to be mailed; email or fax applications will not be accepted.  Don’t delay.  You can send in your “Vote by Mail” application for the June 7th election immediately or any time up to May 31st (deadline for mail-in applications).

After receiving your application, the County Clerk will send you a ballot form.  Fill it out and send it back.  The completed ballot has to be received by the County Clerk by 3:00 p.m. on Election Day.  IT’S THAT EASY!

Filling out your “Vote by Mail” application:
·         Use an ink pen – no pencil.
·         Box # 1 – For the June 7th election, check the Primary box.
·         Box # 2 – Name
·         Box # 3 – Fill in the address at which you are registered to vote (your home address).  No PO Boxes. 
·         Box # 4 – If your mailing address is the same as you home address, check the box at the top.  If you have a different mailing address from where you live or need the ballot forwarded to a different address for this election cycle; fill that in here.
·         Box # 5-6-7 – Fill in DOB, Phone, and Email info.
·         Box # 8-9 – Sign and date the form.
·         Box #10 – Optional; If you wish to receive “Vote by Mail” ballots for the remainder of 2011 or for ALL future elections, check this box.
·         Box # 11-12 – Fill in only if applicable.  Otherwise, you’re done.
·         Mail the “Vote by Mail” application to:
Barbara A. Natchert
Clerk of Hudson County
257 Cornelison Avenue – 4th Floor
Jersey City, New Jersey 07032
Gary M. Holtzman

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