Russo Insider: ‘Reform has no ground game troops for election day’

Friday night fights comes in the form of Grafix Avenger’s fleshy vibrato Russo insider bleeding its guts on weaknesses in reform and taking great comfort in Beth Mason’s husband and the bottomless checkbook.  Can’t wait for the ELECs after this election, the money pit will be showing and without question, the bodies will be buried everywhere.  Is there Mason for delay (Delea) on the ELEC report front?

Here’s Deep Uvula bragging away and revealing something tough to finger on Franz the “independent” in the 2nd who has no campaign website, no communications to residents and not even a campaign Facebook page.  His performance in the debates was solid and yet his reason for running seems odd since almost all of his positions on issues sound like position papers right out of Tom Greaney’s campaign. 

Those idiot reform geeks don’t have a plan.  A lot of mouth, but no plan. No election day troops to get the feet in the voting booth or to walk the absentee ballots in. Greaney is all talk and no action. Kurta and that Rami guy got nothing going on. Prop up that new guy in the 2nd a little more and we get a run off, at least.  

There’s one worry stated from the Old Guard Russo stalwart and it’s in the 6th ward:

“That Jen girl” in the 6th ward has Deep Uvula and Team Russo “edgy.”

Then there’s the mouth of the 1st ward creating a problem.  MSV has learned three people heard Councilwoman Terry Castellano flapping to a resident on lower Hudson St. that not one, not two, but three reform council members met with Dwek.  Somehow she missed one when she was crying about people “picking on Mike.”  For anyone who has listened to Castellano in a council meeting, this nugget has the purest ring of truth.  Echoes of Terry Castellano telling Mo Degenarro three times there was no money missing from the Parking Utility, “It’s been cleared up,” she claimed.

Then there’s the confirmed story MSV posted on the Stevens astroturf fraternity unit, Sign Bots for Beth.  Deep Uvula says there’s more dirty tricks to overcome the latest Beth Mason failure and it comes in the form of green, Russo loving evergreen:

…hiring Stevens kids to hold up posters.  Out of a bad movie. But thank god for that check book.  Sometimes you have to take some bad with the good.   Just as long as we can replace the fuck up with another play.  And we have plenty of tricks left to cover over fuck ups. 

Tim Occhipinti at the council forum getting last minute help from Director of Binder Studies Lane Bajardi.  He benefits politically by stealing credit for the Administration’s work according to the Russo insider Deep Uvula.  Sidebar credit: Hoboken Splatch for aiding and abetting Occhipinti’s fabricated press release on added buses.

Then there’s the repeated final warning:

As I said a while ago, get ready – it is coming on ALL FRONTS! 

But the checkbook and her little man (minion) have determined that you’re going to have (to) dodge a few more (bullets). Nothing personal from us, it’s just politics. … you really pissed them off with that Jewish group (NJDC) thing.  That did not go well at all. Made her look bad to her important friends…

Talking Ed Note: Deep Uvula is grating as we approach election day but you can hardly argue with their comments as the fleshy little nothing has been dead on accurate since it started warbling to Grafix Avenger.  For the dish and complete missive:

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