Beth Mason’s Hate411 poison pen back on the job with latest BoE smear

After reading the report by Superintendent Mark Toback, you can glimpse the latest hate poured out in town by taking a peek at what Beth Mason’s favorite local website, Hoboken411 is spewing about the BoE.

Contrast and compare that report to the smears put forth on Mason411:

(Click to enlarge.)  Hoboken411 accuses BoE members of acting on “personal vendettas.”  Evidence of the libelous statement is nowhere to be found.  It continues to say a teacher was “targeted” again with not a shred of evidence.  The Superintendent report released shows something entirely different from the libel printed there.

Notice the catch all use of “critics” and the lack of any evidence in its claims.  The whole article goes on and on like that and never once does it mention any of the specific inadequacies from the Superintendent’s report (available below).

Now who would be these so called anonymous critics?  That’s usually the code word on Mason411 for Beth Mason’s ghostwriting friend.  That’s all the critics you need if it serves Beth Mason’s political agenda.

How does a Superintendent’s evaluation of employee efficacy in applying the laws of State of NJ constitute harassment let alone make specific members of the BoE guilty of same?  In this case the previous Superintendent has left and the new Superintendent was attempting to follow state law and prevent legal exposure the district faces with numerous bad practices.

Although MSV is still posting the final two segments of the Council forum, it’s relevant to point out Beth Mason’s complaint about spreading hate in the community rings hollow when her political operatives do it on a regular basis, this being only the latest example.

Her statement at a recent City Council meeting she can not control her political operative and the ensuing smear jobs against anyone who may oppose her is fallacious, disingenuous  and frankly unacceptable.

At the Council forum she replied to a question on corruption by describing her actions as ethical.  That all depends on your definition of ethical of course.

Notice you see not a word quoted from BoE members Markle and Minutillo on any of this on Beth Mason’s favorite website.  Censorship there is of the utmost importance and the steely hand maintained at all times, remarkably similar to the poor actions Beth Mason has deployed as council chair in City Council meetings.  Mere coincidence or a pattern of less than democratic principle?

At the break of the Council forum Wednesday Beth Mason confers with political operative Lane Bajardi.  His ghostwriting work on Hoboken411 is a steady dose of poison pumped into the Hoboken community.  Beth Mason absolves herself of responsibility for the actions of her “friend.”

In a recent City Council meeting Beth Mason complained her press releases are not printed on the City’s website.  She says this with a straight face while her paid political operatives go out to smear people on Hoboken411 or more recently Hoboken Patch.  One recent example is a woman  only guilty of having worked for her as a legislative aide and then moving on to another position in municipal government more suited to her professional experience.  Just recently she was personally savaged with a host of easily disprovable lies on Hoboken411 about her work in the city, leading some to ask how much longer can the town suffer through the bile before a lawsuit is launched to put an end to it?

Beth Mason says she wants to see hate stopped being pumped into the community. Hers is a rather limited definition of hate.  On April 27th and May 10th, Hoboken residents will have a chance to vote and make their voice heard about all of it.

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