Russo ‘endorses’ Tim Occhipinti!

Last night’s City Council meeting was the finale leading to the fourth ward special election on November 2nd and the battling and “polititrickin” was in full evidence.  Wait, what was that word?  Polititrickin.  Is that a real word?  Well not in the dictionary but it was coined by Councilman Mike Russo who voiced his concerns and it should become a famous word in the Hoboken lexicon.

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Councilman Russo – endorsement of Occhipinti ‘not political’

That wasn’t the heart of the entertainment for the evening.  The big news last night wasn’t any of the city business or the face off in the regular Russo attack on Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs, that’s all old hat and a side show.  (Councilman Russo asked him how many permits have been turned in related to the Hertz Connect Corner Cars program.  When the answer of 23 came up and now over 800 Hobokenites signed up, the Councilman quickly lost interest.)

What held the interests though of the Russos is the impending election and possibility of getting a swing vote they can use.  They mustered a resolution, symbolic of course opposing a gas pipeline over the southern line in Jersey City.  Why was this so urgent?  Well it’s not like the pipeline is going up actually in Hoboken, but there again is that election thang.

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Occhipinti: Mike Russo and family endorsement

At the end of the meeting Mike Russo came out and made a speech to thank “a member of the community” for their work on the gas pipeline issue.  He said he didn’t want to be “political” but he noted that Jersey City mayoral candidate Steve Fulop deserved some credit and then also a Hoboken resident: Tim Occhipinti.

With only a sparse crowd left in this relatively short meeting, Councilman Mike Russo then asked for applause for his fourth ward candidate, Tim Occhipinti.

Talking Ed Note: Not only has Mike Russo gotten behind Tim Occhipinti, it’s a full out family affair.

Michelle Russo was seen taking a list of election poll challengers into the Hudson County Board of Elections earlier this week – on behalf of Tim Occhipinti.  The Russo Civic Association car has also been spotted parked illegally outside of Occhipinti’s headquarters on more than one occasion.

Anthony Russo Jr. has also shown his support by adding Tim Occhipinti as a facebook friend:

Grist for the Mill Sidebar:  In addition to the earlier endorsement seen written in green on a whiteboard at the Russo Civic Association for Tim Occhipinti, a report only suspected until this time indicates that an active vote by mail/absentee ballot operation is being run out of the Adams Street location.  Mike Russo was quoted earlier on PolitickerNJ on the issue of vote by mail/absentee ballots for Tim Occhipinti.  To the idea Occhipinti could receive 600 in this election, Russo said, “I hope so.”

MSV confirms there has been active recruitment for a resident to go to the Russo Civic Association and fill out a vote by mail ballot for Tim Occhipinti!

Operation Bounty remains in effect with a $2,000 reward.

Correction: The facebook page is Mike’s brother, Anthony Russo Jr. not senior.

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